Top Destinations in Lebanon: Which car to rent?

Want to roam around the Lebanese culture and explore for yourself its hidden gems?
Here are 8 incredible places to visit in Lebanon paired with the best cars to rent.

Known as “The Paris of the Middle East”, Beirut City is one of the most alive cities in the world. Beirut holds the cultural, commercial and tourist centre of Lebanon. From sight-seeing, to beaches, to nightlife and more, Beirut will lure you into coming back for more.
What is nice about Beirut is how small it is. You can drive around Beirut easily from one place to the other within short distance and enjoy its cultural heritage. There might be traffic in the afternoon, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Ideal cars to rent: Hyundai, Kia, Renault, BMW, Toyota, Range Rover, Audi.

Harissa: Our Lady of Lebanon
Located in the Keserwan district, the Our Lady of Lebanon statue is one of the most visited sites in Lebanon for both residents and tourists. You can enjoy the ride up to Harissa which overlooks the city of jounieh. Harissa has the best scenic views of Lebanon, especially at night time where you cannot miss out on its vibrant lights. To get past traffic, Harissa is best visited during the evening.

Ideal cars to rent: Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Hyundai Santa Fe, Audi A5 sport.

For breath taking views of the mountain road, Zaarour is the ideal place to visit.
If you’re visiting in winter season, then make sure to visit the ski slopes. If you’re visiting in summer time, there are many outdoor activities as well as planned events. Don’t forget to go off road with a four wheel car!

Ideal cars to rent: Audi A5 sport, Audi A5 cab, Range Rover, GMC.

Take a leap of faith and get into the adventurous side of Beirut where you will find the best public beaches and the best food pairings. A place where you can enjoy the shimmering sun and the taste of fresh seafood with family or friends. With entertainment events, music festivals and fascinating beach spots, Batroun is the place to be.

Ideal cars to rent: BMW, Range Rover, Audi, Toyota, Hyundai, Renault.

If you’re a hiking and a camping lover, then think no more, Tannourine is the place to visit. 90% of Tannourine is constituted of Cedar trees. A forest of cedars that lets its visitors want to explore and discover more about it. The drive up to tannourine is a great experience alone.

Ideal cars to rent: Audi sport, Range Rover sport, GMC.

Explore the rich ruins of Lebanon in one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. A place where can find Phoenician temples and old architecture that hasn’t been touched. Byblos will take you back to the Ottoman age and the stone age as well as make you reminisce by the beach. From an array of restaurants to touristic shops, lively pubs and more, Byblos is a must visit when in Lebanon.

Ideal cars to rent: BMW, Range Rover, Hyundai.

El Chouf
Known for its Cedar Nature Reserve, El Chouf is a large district that attracts many tourists as well as residents. Home to mountain peaks, caves and waterfalls, when visiting El Chouf district make sure to pass by Deir Al Oumara, Beiteddine, Moussa Castle, Kfarhim Grotto, Deir Al Qamar, Mir Amin Palace, Baakline Waterfalls and Al Barouk Reserves. Driving in El Chouf will make your travel experience a magnificent one!

Ideal cars to rent: Range Rover, Audi, BMW, Toyota, WV Golf, GMC.

The popular, cultural and historical city that attracts many tourists every year! Built completely on stone, Tyre is a favorite for many. Make sure to drive by the magnificent land marks of tyre and enjoy the various cuisines it has to offer.

Ideal cars to rent: BMW, Renault, Range Rover, Toyota, GMC.




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